Switching the blog to Django

I've been meaning to switch my blog to being powered by Django for a while now. Today I finally took the leap.

When I created this site, it was build using Perch. It is a wonderful little CMS, and I've used it for a couple of projects at work. You should check it out – it's got some seriously good ideas.

It's not primarily a blogging engine though, even if there is a fairly decent Blog app for it. Since I really like Django and use it all the time at work, I wanted to switch. It's a total cliché to write your own blogging engine in Django, I know, but I felt that it was the right thing to do to – it actually made sense in terms of how productive I could be after actually making the switch. I hacked on the basic code for a couple of hours a few weeks back, and this weekend I got it into enough of a working shape to launch.

I even managed to get a little better acquainted with Fabric and automate some deploy/management tasks. I've used it before, but very inelegantly in terms of authentication etc – I wrapped the thing in a bash script that asked some questions about how and where to deploy. Don't ask me why – I don't rememeber. Now I just fab prod deploy and stuff just happens. Correctly. Every time. Yay for automation!

What’s next? Glad you asked.

  1. Revisiting the HTML & CSS. I think I'm gonna go all ”CSS Naked Day” on y'all, and then build it up slowly.
  2. Finishing the little Webmentions app for Django that I started a while back, and hook it into the blog.
  3. Creating some new content types (photos? links?) and hooking it all up using Bridgy. Maybe.

Most of all, I want to just write more posts.