About that Emil…

Friends & loved ones, Web stuff, beer, food, music, coffee. That about sums me up I think. Here's a little more background though.

My name is Emil Björklund. I live in Malmö, Sweden, where I work for inUse, a digital design consultancy, as a developer & front-end architect. Apart from the whole web thing, I enjoy the things most people enjoy: good music, good food, good friends, good coffee, good beer etc.

Work-wise, I mostly write code, but sometimes I help clients in other ways: by teaching, nailing down best practices for a web organization, and sometimes I even drift off into interaction-design-land.

I've worked with every type of client, from huge companies to small start-ups. Being a generalist is both a blessing and a curse, but I do enjoy the variation.

Apart from my dayjob, I’m currently working on a book about CSS. More on that soon.