Webmentioning Adactio

Jeremy has recently implemented Webmention on adactio.com, and posted an explanation of the small piece of code involved. I I love the simplicity of Webmention, and I love the Indieweb idea of connecting our conversations in the simplest possible way whilst still publishing to our own sites, owning our data. I intend to implement it on this site as soon as I can: both to test it out, and to offer a way of commenting without all the hassle of actually managing comments (sort of).

I do have one teensy tiny criticism though: what’s that little bit of tech-specific junk doing in the Webmention URL, Jeremy? "Dot PHP"? Cool URI:s don’t change, but publishing platforms and script languages do, right? Excuse me sir, your CMS is showing! :-)

Edit: You can now go to Jeremy’s post and see this post shown as a comment to his. Cool stuff, eh?